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The Office: Tv Series review

I discovered The Office during a very emotional part of my life. I was very depressed at that time because my 2 years relationship just ended and I felt so empty. I tried everything to take my mind off of it. I began exercising, I read books, watch movies and I even joined a forum called 9chat (now renamed Cookie for whatever reason) but the saving grace for me is The Office. My God, I love The Office. It was the reason I finally moved on and if I hadnt discovered it, I maybe wallowing in sadness till now. No joke.

A year passed and today, The Office is still my favorite tv show and not just because of my emotional attachment to it, but because it is actually really good. I didnt really knew what a mockumentary comedy was back then and it was really refreshing because it doesnt even have a laugh track which for me is a necessary component of any sitcoms. I admit I didnt immediately got the humor but the more I watched it, the more it grew on me. After I grasped the purpose of the show and got familiarized with the characters, that was where it started: My Office addiction.

Steve Carell did an incredible job in portraying Michael Scott because he is a master when it comes to improvisation, doing a straight face and emulating cringeness which are the key elements to pull off the show. The character walks a thin line between annoying and sweet which is almost impossible to pull off. Michael Scott is the kind of character that makes people uncomfortable but he doesnt mean to do it. He just doesnt have a clue how to get through people and he always comes off irritating to them. There is no denying that Michael Scott is the foundation of the Office and most of the awkward vibe revolves around Steve Carell’s performance.

Jim Halpert, as played by John Krasinski, is the catalyst. I say catalyst because the way he looks at the camera as if to say “tell me you’re seeing this” whenever Michael or Dwight does something inappropriate is the source of laughter. Without saying a word, his poker faces is enough send a message to the audience that he is trapped with weird people around him and the only way he can cope with it is through sarcasm.

Dwight is the smartest idiot in the show , which means he knows a lot of stuff (survival stuff mostly) but clueless on the social aspect. He resembles Michael Scott in terms of self-awareness (which is none) and their only difference is, Michael is superior to Dwight. He is one of the main driving force of the series and seeing Jim prank Dwight is one of the show’s treat.

To describe how the humor of the show goes: someone does something awkward, inappropriate or cringe worthy (Michael,  Dwight) then another someone reacts to this by looking at the camera, staring blankly at them or through sarcasm (Jim, Pam). It may seem simple but this combination is technically what made the show so funny.

The supporting cast doesnt come short of humor either. Their backstories, their different opinions and their egos are so diverse, each character has all something to offer. Even though some of the new added characters in the last two seasons are not very interesting (Im looking at you Nelly), i cant deny that the original cast members grew on me and the way the producers wanted to focus on them after Michael Scott left is a good idea.

If this review looks bias because it helped me through tough times, I’ll say that this is kind of the point of this blog. My Madness. My biases and my obsessions are my opinions and I think that incorporating them to my reviews are necessary because thats how I feel. Thats my opinion!

So, if you never watched the office, what the hell are you doing with your life.