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Humor Me With Tragedy

Death came to offer his peace

But I refuse, the fuck is this?

I would rather fade softly and quietly

Than carry the weight of my misery
Its never solemn, it seldom is

But honesty is my catharsis

Bludgering mess of a human I am

Blame me? Blame you? Blame fucking them!
Oh I know you do not understand

Who, for fucks sake, really can?

Wallowing in your shit, ain’t you?

Dont worry, none of these is true
Oh wait

Please stop

Dont’t go

I’ll fade



Melancholic Screams and Nonchalant Skies

Is it raining because its lonely?

Or the rain just a timely cry?

Of times worth holding on to

To the times of solemn sighs
The soft whispers of serendipity

Combing softly above your head

Forever trapped in a nostalgic entity

Of meaningless poetry and dread
And it grows under my skin

Potruding slowly into my eyes

The sound of melancholic screams

And the sight of nonchalant skies