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Humor Me With Tragedy

Death came to offer his peace

But I refuse, the fuck is this?

I would rather fade softly and quietly

Than carry the weight of my misery
Its never solemn, it seldom is

But honesty is my catharsis

Bludgering mess of a human I am

Blame me? Blame you? Blame fucking them!
Oh I know you do not understand

Who, for fucks sake, really can?

Wallowing in your shit, ain’t you?

Dont worry, none of these is true
Oh wait

Please stop

Dont’t go

I’ll fade


You are fake and phony.

Come on. You know what I mean. The moment you read the title, you knew what Im about to discuss here. The “you” you show in public, acting cool and classy, obeying every law and acts smart and wants to get along with everyone. Its not you. Thats just your cover. The real you is inside that shell, restrained by society. You are chained to morals, to laws, to proper behaviours. You act to certain guidelines so you wont be the weird guy that everyone hates. You are a phony.

Remember that guy from highschool you saw on the streets yesterday and said hi? You wanted to punch his face and beat the shit out of him for treating you so bad in high school. You wanted to destroy his face and replace it with a dog’s face. But you cant.
Remember the lady you had given your sit to in the bus last week because its fully loaded and you had to act like a gentleman? You wanted to ignore her and let her be but social conscience grabs you so hard in the balls. It grips you so tight, its hard to ignore. 
Remember the kid that kept kicking you in the park and his parents didnt scold him because thats just what kids do? You wanted to lift the kid and throw him far away outside the planet and be destroyed by an alien space ship then fire a bazooka to the parents. But you just smiled and said its okay.
Remember the time when a beggar pleaded for you to give him money but its your last money and you wont be able to go home if you give it to him? You give it to him anyway because you were with your coworkers and didnt want to look cheap. But deep inside, you wanted to say fuck off to the beggar and punch your coworker in the face because they keep backstabbing and gossiping about you.
You know its true. All these things are what we really are.
But it doesnt make you evil. In fact, evil is just an opinion. What is evil for me might not be evil for you. If you ask a satanist if they think what they are doing is wrong, they will say no because that is their standard. That is their definition of good! The reason why we say they’re bad is they have different opinion from us. Our standard is the word of God and theirs are… Well Satan. 
If you are looking for a conclusion, I am offering none. We need to wear our “society suit” to fit in but I guess what Im trying to say is, at least try to be “evil” from time to time to stay in line with your individuality. Dont get stuck on one standard. There’s plenty to choose from.