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Suicide Squad: A Movie Review

I am quite familiar with the Suicide Squad way before the movie because I watched the animated film Assault on Arkham. I thought Assault on Arkham was about Batman since the DVD cover features him and since I am a Batman fan, I didnt hesitate to watch it. So I was kinda surprised when instead of Batman, this group of villains are being introduced and truthfully, I had no idea who the most of them are (with the exception of Harley Quinn). I thought, okay, so these are the villains and Batman will try to stop them. Wrong again. Batman is barely in the movie and the main focus is this group of villains: Suicide Squad. And I admit, it is entertaining and even though there is a lack of Batman, I was pretty mind-blown. I never knew there is a Suicide Squad until that day.

When the news broke out that a Suicide Squad movie was in the works and Jared Leto was casted, I was hyped. Man, if the Assault on Arkham is to be translated on the big screen, it will be epic. And Jared Leto as the Joker? I have so much respect to the actor and I know that even though he wont get to the Heath Ledger level of Joker, at least he will try to achieve that kind of dedication.

Additional cast members were revealed which includes Will Smith as Deadshot and Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn feels true to the comics and her looks bare resemblance to the grungy make up of Heath Ledger’s Joker: messy and angsty. Will Smith doesnt feel like a Deadshot material to me but what the hell. You never go wrong with Will Smith, so its cool.

The movie came. I watched it. And yeah, its a mess. Dont get me wrong, I had fun. The characters are amazing, the dialogues are funny, the introductions to the characters are believable and it doesnt take itself too seriously like the previous DC offerings. Its just the plot. It seems that the plot is just thrown down there so the Suicide Squad can come together and have bonding with each other but other than that, its non sense. 

Spoiler Alert!

The problem with this movie is the problem originated from the group themselves. My God, if Enchantress is sealed and isnt allowed to roam around while her alter ego, June Moon, is active, the Suicide Squad wouldnt be necessary. Sure they are this expendable group that will fight future evil super beings, but atleast contain the group. The group is created to solve problems not create them.

And where is Batman and the Flash during Enchantress’ rampage? They are supposed to be superheroes but they arent even shown during all the chaos. At least explain why they cant help becuase it really is unbelievable. They should be the first responders since they are the good guys. I dont know, maybe they are busy filming the Justice League?

The Joker is the biggest disappointment for me. I dont know if I like him, but I certainly doesnt have any connection to him. Unlike Heath Ledger’s Joker where you feel for his beliefs and motives, this Joker is just pointless to the story. I dont know, maybe he’s just not shown enough but what a let down. Im not saying Jared Leto is a failure because I dont see anything that resembles Jared Leto in that Joker which is amazing, its just that the way he is represented is unnecessary. Like, he’s just there to be a decoration.

Okay, enough with the let downs. There are also some positives and I think it depends on the viewer what will weigh in more to them, the positive or the  negative.

The Suicide Squad casting is perfect. Hands down. All of them are well suited to the role they are playing which is good since this is their introduction to the audience. Majority of the viewers are unfamiliar with these characters and it needs a good casting in order to appreciate them.

Dialogues are pretty funny too especially when it is between the Suicide Squad members. Their dialogues meshed with their personality and that is important because some in some movies, they force dialogue into character which contradicts to his belief and for me, it kinda ruins the character when that happens, so kudos.

And finally. Harley Quinn. One word. Perfect. You just gotta see the film to appreciate her. She is the reason the group worked and I think it would fail miserably without Margot Robbie’s casting. Very good decision.

Overall, if you want a senseless messy fun action superhero movie, definitely watch this film. Just dont think about the plot so much, because there is basically none.