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You said “so go” with such disdain.

X: Remember the first time we met?

Y: yeah… It was very awkward. You were very awkward!

X: I never thought you’ll come and talk to me, thats all. Besides Im very introverted.

Y: I got the hots for creepy guys you know?

X: Yeah lucky me.

Y: What? 

X: Nothing. I said you liked me the moment you saw me. Dont deny it!

Y: Yeah right. The only reason I talked to you is beacause you were wearing a John Lennon shirt.

X: For all I know, you just wanted to ask me out!

Y: On the contrary, it felt like you were about to kiss me anytime that moment. I was nervous you know! How do I know you are not a sex offender!

X: I did. You were the most beautiful girl in the park that day.

Y: Yeah right! Said the creepy stalker!

X: I am not a stalker! God! I just saw that you like John Lennon in your facebook profile. So I borrowed the tshirt!

Y: Hahaha. Gotcha! Right from the horses’ mouth.

X: Well, it worked right?

Y: yeah, you let me fall in love with you, idiot.

X: Well, you basically forced me into a relationship! Hahaha

Y: Hahaha. O my god, how do you muster the willpower to say such blatant lies!

X: Admit it! You were stalking me too!

Y: I dont stalk you as much as you stalk me. You have a room full of my pictures! You even have candles there for worshipping me.

X: hahahaha. That was a good one! How did you come up with that? You were doing it to my pictures e?

Y: yeah, I use your pictures in summoning rituals and witchcraft!

X: Meaning you use love potions to make me fall for you? 

Y: As a matter of fact I used hate potions to prevent you from falling in love with me. But your obsession with me is so great, even my hate potions are not working.

X: hahahaha.

Y: hahahahahaha




Y: why did you leave me?

X: I dont know. Im stupid, I guess.

Y: I knew that.

X: Im sorry.

Y: I just cant understand why. We were happy.

X: Yes we were happy. In the beginning.

Y: Thats how a relationship works! Happy times and sad times! You think it’ll only be full of butterflies and fairies?

X: i know that. But we were falling down so fast. I didnt want to see us crash at the bottom. 

Y: No point in arguing now.

X: besides you are happy now. I can see.

Y: thankfully, i survived after you left.

X: well…

Y: Yeah. Well. I got to go now.

X: oh, sure, will I ever see you again?

Y: i dont know. Im not sure.

X: we’ll see each other again.

Y: dreams maybe?

X: I hope so.

Y: goodbye

X: goodbye to you