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Bloodborne: Game review

I went and played Bloodborne not expecting anything. I knew it was hard but I tried to learn as little as possible about the game because why not? I mean for a game that got a lot of awards and recognition, I want to be surprised why. For starters, I am not really a big fan of the gloomy, dark, horror style of games because I’m easily terrified of the dark (embarassing, I know) and I am literally a newb when it comes to these kind of games. But what the hell, I bought it, might as well play it.

And I was right. Atleast for the first few hours of playing.I had absolutely no idea what Im doing and why Im doing it or where I should go. I was stucked at Central Yharnham and I was absolutely slaughtered by the residents there. I was killed every 5 minutes (which made me stare at the Bloodborne screen awkwardly) which made me want to throw my controller at the screen and destroy my ps4. The situation made no sense or whatsoever which added to my frustration. I was so tempted to look at a walkthrough on the internet but I restrained myself. I must figure this game by myself or I will lose my self-respect. I was determined to conquer the game and get better. 

So after I opened a few shortcuts, leveled up a bit, fortified my weapon and defeated my first boss (Cleric Beast), I was surprised that I was actually enjoying the game. The game is repetitive (enemies respawning and your character returning to the same lamp everytime you die) but you dont feel it. You wanted to learn and strategize how to defeat the variety of enemies along the way (the gunman is the most annoying by the way) which is the point of the game. Dont get me wrong, I still die alot. The difference was I know what Im doing now and how I should do it. There was this drive to finish the game because of the fulfillment you feel beating every boss (and frustration when you die).

Story-wise, I didnt understand much. It is either very subtle or Im just very stupid (I hope not) but it didnt matter. I think that understanding the story is just a bonus. The real trophy is your dedication paying off and beating the game is the best damn feeling I had for a long time. No kidding, I literally jumped after beating the last boss. 

Overall, Bloodborne is an amazing game. Best game I played this year and that is coming from someone who was a virgin in DS before playing this game. Graphics was tantalizing with a very imaginative and thought-provoking design of different areas. Gameplay was smooth and very easy controls, which ultimately depends on the weapon of your liking and the atmosphere is very gloomy and unsettling which surprised me because I didnt feel scared at all. 

To the newbs out there who wants to play Bloodborne, I have a tip for you. Bare with the game for a few hours. It is basically the decisive part where you either hate it or love it. But I assure you, it is most certainly the latter.

Score: 10/10