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I am begging you to not read this blog post. Please.

Well, you are blind. You walk down the street and you heard a noise. It is a weird sound, to be completely honest, and a very alarming one. You are essentially shocked, like all the normal people’s reaction, and you just get the hell out of the place. But obviously, the problem is you cannot run as this may seem dangerously stupid to do for someone as blind as you. So you walk briskly but very carefully away from the source of the noise. You don’t think the sound is that dangerous but it won’t hurt to be cautious. Besides, you heard people screaming. Screaming is a sign of trouble, isn’t it?

Good logical reasoning, except one thing. You are dumb as fuck. You are as stupid as your neighbor’s dog. So instead of going away, you go towards the noise. Which is what all dumb fucks would do.  But the weird thing is the closer you get to the noise, the more quiet the sound gets. Which is so not shocking, because the fool that you are has no sense of direction. You have no idea how to go towards the sound. Which is fortunate because the sound you are hearing is actually an alien invasion.

And so the aliens are actually invading the earth because why the hell not? They are superior compared to us in all aspects so what the hell could they actually gain for colonizing this pain-stakingly awkward blue ball of dust out of nowhere in the galaxy? Well, none to be honest. But for the sake of me not having an actual plot device to actually make sense, then let us fucking have an alien invasion.

And so………… (at this point, I ran out of ideas to keep this blog post going so I’ll just end it abruptly and suddenly)


New Year¡

I celebrated new year in a very weird mindset. I looked at it as an exaggerated event because it is actually pretty exaggerated. Yeah, I guess I just dont get why we have to celebrate the 360 rotation of the earth around the sun. The weird thing is, this year is the only year I looked at new year in that light. Maybe because Im sad and I wanted to simplify things to make it more, you know, depressing? Which is very confusing to me since why would I interpret a good event as a depressing one just to make myself feel worse? Shouldn’t I be trying to make myself happy?

Then I figured, I must be doing it subconsciously. My mind is reading everything in my surrounding and relates it to my depression, in order for it to makes sense. Because come to think of it, I dont have any reason to be depressed. I just am. It kinda sucks knowing you are withering away, and you have no idea why. 

Then the fireworks came. Its pretty, I admit. I appreciated the fact that people spend money just to put on a light show and show off their festive spirits. But the way the lights registered in my mind seems colorless. My eyes are seeing all the colors, but my mind is rejecting it. Underwhelmingly sad, but frankly I didn’t care. It was just nightly explosions of hue, and I didnt really like fireworks.

So after about 30 minutes, I went to bed. There were still random firecrackers present outside, but other than that, it felt like a normal day. The ceiling was still resonating awkwardly on my face and I was staring at it like an idiot. I was waiting for a UFO to smash open the roof and suck me right into their spaceship and dissect me or whatever. But unfortunately, no one came. Maybe I’ll just dream about happiness. So I pepped talk myself to sleep. I was cheering my mind to get the day over with and shut down. I closed my eyes. And Darkness. Darkness. Darkness. I like darkness.

Madness #1

So yeah, Im here staring at the ceiling of my bedroom, unable to sleep. So what do I do? I watch stuff from youtube and listen to ASMR but there are times when I literally cannot turn my mind off. Like right now.

Let me tell you a little bit about what goes on inside my mind. Its a bit strange, but what the hell do you expect from a site called Eki’s Madness

(The following content may weird you out, but I guess there’s no turning back now)

I always wondered what will happen if suddenly while Im typing here in the comfort of my room, one of my wall explodes and an enormous alien eyeball emerges from it. The eyeball has a big giant mouth at the center of the eye and it squirts a slimy green substance. It will try to get near me and suck my brains out because it only feeds on insomniac people’s brain. I will run quick, get my guitar and hit the eyeball as hard as I can until the green slimy substance gets all over my room. Of course, I will get some in my mouth and realize that it tastes sweet. It would taste like a green version of nutella but a lot tastier! Then I would get a bucket, collect all the slimy green substance and put it in the bucket and sell it to some factory that manufactures chocolates. The product will be named “Green Coco” and I will be the main supplier of the green slimy substance. I will attract more and more alien eyeballs by not sleeping and then bash them repeatedly until they give off their last drop of green slimy substance. I would be known as the richest man in the world and I would encourage people suffering from insomnia to be proud of their sickness because it would make them rich. They’ll make a statue of me when I die and I would be known in history as Father Coco. Everybody would be inspired by my story and will try to follow my footsteps by not sleeping. When all the humanity is diagnosed by insomnia, the Alien Eyeballs will colonize earth and eat every human alive. It’s their plan all along and they just used me to bait the people of the earth. The Alien Eyeballs win and everyone on earth is dead. Because of me. Damn. I should sleep now before the Alien Eyeball comes.

The end.