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A Happy Day at the Park!

I was so happy today! Let me tell you about my day!

I was walking happily along the park. I saw children playing and lovers of course. They were smooching and kissing and oh what a lovely sight. They were giving me these friendly nods like we were already friends! What delightful creatures! There were old people just enjoying the view and watching the sunset and it just brought a smile to my face. It was a perfect day where everything was  in order.

I took my machine gun and fired at everybody! They were screaming and shouting in pain! There were blood everywhere and they would just beg for me to stop. But of course I didn’t! I wouldn’t want to waste these beautiful day right? Everyone was running around, trying to save their lives! It was like conducting my own orchestra! What a masterpiece. 

Well, after the bullets for my machine gun went empty, I had to stop. I was sad but quite content with my work. Oh well, I can always go back anytime!  I wonder which park I would go to next. I wish there were more children! 


And you see yourself tumbling down from your own thoughts, decaying slowly your state of mind as you descend to lunacy. You deprive yourself of social necessities and devote all your precious time devising a masterplan that enables you to get away with solitude. It is that insatiable thirst for isolation that drives you insane yet you try to piece together the reality you created. It is a ticking time bomb, an impeccable plan for self-destruction and desolation. It is fun. It is you.

And through the blinding darkness you search for meaning and purpose. As foolish as your desire to be lonely is your desire to change the world or at least create a dent. Two conflicting ideas fighting over your body like tug-of-war, only you are splitting in half and gradually returning to the limbo you tried to get out from.

The menacing nightmares begins to haunt you, laughing at your terrified murmurs. It is a deafening feeling created solely by you and you alone. Dissociate yourself from this world and the world dissociates from you. 

And the mind flickers its last light before finally giving in to the pitch black night.

Madness #1

So yeah, Im here staring at the ceiling of my bedroom, unable to sleep. So what do I do? I watch stuff from youtube and listen to ASMR but there are times when I literally cannot turn my mind off. Like right now.

Let me tell you a little bit about what goes on inside my mind. Its a bit strange, but what the hell do you expect from a site called Eki’s Madness

(The following content may weird you out, but I guess there’s no turning back now)

I always wondered what will happen if suddenly while Im typing here in the comfort of my room, one of my wall explodes and an enormous alien eyeball emerges from it. The eyeball has a big giant mouth at the center of the eye and it squirts a slimy green substance. It will try to get near me and suck my brains out because it only feeds on insomniac people’s brain. I will run quick, get my guitar and hit the eyeball as hard as I can until the green slimy substance gets all over my room. Of course, I will get some in my mouth and realize that it tastes sweet. It would taste like a green version of nutella but a lot tastier! Then I would get a bucket, collect all the slimy green substance and put it in the bucket and sell it to some factory that manufactures chocolates. The product will be named “Green Coco” and I will be the main supplier of the green slimy substance. I will attract more and more alien eyeballs by not sleeping and then bash them repeatedly until they give off their last drop of green slimy substance. I would be known as the richest man in the world and I would encourage people suffering from insomnia to be proud of their sickness because it would make them rich. They’ll make a statue of me when I die and I would be known in history as Father Coco. Everybody would be inspired by my story and will try to follow my footsteps by not sleeping. When all the humanity is diagnosed by insomnia, the Alien Eyeballs will colonize earth and eat every human alive. It’s their plan all along and they just used me to bait the people of the earth. The Alien Eyeballs win and everyone on earth is dead. Because of me. Damn. I should sleep now before the Alien Eyeball comes.

The end.