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Who is God? For thousand of years we stumble upon this very question and fail to acquire a precise answer. It is a necessary knowledge that ironically divides the human population into specific groups that we call religions. We have different versions and theories but a theory without a concrete evidence is as good as fiction. We tried gathering artifacts, testimonies, books, documents, just to feed our mind that our belief is superior among the others. But these proofs are not enough because in order to prove God, we have to experience God. And God is not an easy being to experience. 
After failing to present God through evidences, we were left with no choice but to prove God the best way a human can: Violence. Our reasoning was of course, what kind of God would reside with the weakest religion? History is written by the victor after all. So war between religions ensues and up until now, its still an ongoing debacle.
But perhaps the reason we can’t prove who God really is, is because we are asking the wrong question. Rather than asking who is God, maybe its better to ask what is God. So, what is God? If we dissect the essence of an omnipotent being and compress it down to its basicality, then God is simply, nothing. Yes, nothing.
Think about it. Nothing is everywhere and anywhere at the same time. Nothing can be right and wrong at the same time. Nothing can be precise and erroneous at the same time. But God. The totality of the universe, its laws and physics, its flaws and errors, its beauty and elegance, every contradictions in the Universe equates perfectly to our human definition of a God and Nothingness.
Im not saying that God doesnt exist. All Im saying is we are gravely mistaken if we classify Him in terms of human morals. We cannot present God based on values we perceived as right and let Him embody every traits we find just. Instead think of God as randomness. We may think that everything that is happening to us is random and uncontrollable, which is true. We cannot control certain aspects of life. But the randomness of things obey a certain set of rules of this universe: gravity, matter, energy, etc. They are random only to the extent of these set of rules, meaning randomness is still operating within the laws of the universe. And the human mind is just too weak to calculate the precise outcome of a random occurence so we decided to give it another name. Fate. And we will continue to believe in fate till our mind can succesfully calculate complex probabilities and end our life-long dependance to chance.
So what is God? God is the result of the accumulation of questions we humans fail to answer because of the tremendous limitations in our knowledge. He is nothing; a void we created to entertain our ideas and illusions, perpetuating eternally to our psyche. As long as our minds continues to have questions and doubt, God will exist.