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Final Fantasy X/X-2: Game review

The first Final Fantasy I have ever played is Final Fantasy X-2. Yup, you read it right. X-2. I bought it when I was a child because I thought that it was Final Fantasy 12 (yup, childhood mistake) and I believed it to be true until I guess halfway through the game. There was no internet back then so I was kind of confused story-wise but it was still cool for me considering it was my introduction to the game franchise and admit it, the dressphere is cool. I was puzzled as to who in the world is this Tidus guy that keeps coming out of the conversation and I guess somewhere along the way, it clicked. It is not XII, it is X-2. A sequel. For a moment there, I felt stupid. But from that moment, I knew I had to get the first game. 

And that didnt happen until now. 

The moment I got the ps4, I knew I had to get the game and learn the story of Tidus. He was this mysterious character for me that was only told in stories and legends, like a mythical creature I was excited to discover. It was the perfect time to play the game because I have alot of Final Fantasy experience (1,2,6,9) and I know how the game works.

When “To Zanarkand” theme started to play and Final Fantasy 10 title appeared onscreen, I knew it was gonna be epic. Considering that Yuna was the only character I know from the group sitting around the fire (I only knew Tidus’ name at the time), I was hyped to know these characters.

So did I enjoy the game? Yes, I loved it. During the first few hours of gameplay, the fighting mechanics were explained. The character swap was a refreshing thing to me and I kinda liked it. It is easier to organize your party and it adds an element of strategy to the game. The sphere grid is also a new thing to me because I was so used at leveling up the normal way that it was something that requires getting used to but once you grasp the concept, it is very fun to customize based on your liking.

Graphics is nothing spectacular. In ps2 standard, I think its excellent but knowing that this is supposed to be a remastered version, I think it could do better. im not saying the graphics are bad, it just felt lacking. The voice acting is good but in some parts, I felt that the dialogue are rushed just to fit the dubbing of the Japanese version which filtered the emotions a bit. 

Last but not the least, the story and the characters. The plot of this game is one word: thought-provoking. It is intriguing, mysterious, and it needs the full attention of the player to be properly realized. You dont even know what is actually happening until halfway the game but the bigger picture is shown near the end. The folklore and the culture of Spira is well realized and I give credit to the creative team for that. For me, the biggest achievement of this game is its story and its the thing that I enjoyed the most.

As for the legendary Tidus? I thought he was going to be my favorite character but as it turns out, Auron stands out for me the most. Well-written, well-designed and he is the most interesting among the group, Auron has the best characterization in the game.

After I finished the game, i tried playing ffx-2 again but after a few days of playing I stopped. It isnt as interesting to me now as it was in my childhood and the gameplay change fails in comparison to the first (the dressphere is still cool though). The story is dull and you dont really feel the adventure vibe you had on the first. But I kinda owe it to ffx-2 for introducing me to the jrpg genre so maybe some other day, I might think about finishing the game.

So in a way, my dream came true. i finally played the game even if I had to wait 10 years. I feel nostalgic now. *cries

Score: 8/10