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Come, Look at Your Reflection.

I was once in this state of confusion. My life was petty and pretty aimless. My goals were non-existent and frankly, there was no reason for me to exist except populate the earth. I was an excess of life. I was unwanted. Which was fine at that time because nobody really cared if I die or not. I was this invisible persona that people saw through as nothing more than a piece of shit. And I was perfectly okay with it.

My mind was swimming in a foggy terrain, lagging behind the ever progressing world. At some point of my life, I kinda gave up and i just sat down and just let things go. They were beyond my control and I was getting beaten up pretty bad by life. I said fuck it and watch the whole thing crumble down to ruins. It is easier to watch an unstable tower fall than pretend that you can still make it stand tall. It was beyond repair. 

Believe me, I tried everything to recover. Whether you like it or not, time will pass you by and there is nothing you can do. The efforts I did to search for meaning, for purpose. It was frustrating and damning, and the ground I was standing on at that time was a concrete asphalt of depression and I was stucked at it for a very long time. I was literally just waiting to mentally shutdown and jump off the building. There is no greater enemy than yourself and you can’t really annihilate what you can’t understand. Long story short, my life was drowning on a big pile of rotting feces. It was something I don’t ever want to feel again. Some hell, huh?

My saving grace you might ask? Nothing. I saved myself. I figured my life was already fucked so hard, there was no way I can fuck it up even more. No way to go but up right? The little efforts I made were unimpactful but its better than nothing. I started writing. Things that are running around my mind, my purgatory in earth. All the monstrosity and hatred I feel, I try to put into words. The results are the posts you can read in my blog. I am forging my writing skills to further materialize my darkness but hey, its a start. My madness is unfathomable and I bet the image of me that is forming in your head right now somewhat resembles a disfigured monster outcast from society. That’s okay, because that is the part of me I wanted to share. That is how I exorcise my inner demons or else I will self-destruct. It’s an unforgiving world or rather, an unforgiving society. 

Indulge me, tell me your thoughts. Come and join me for awhile, step into my Madness.

Madness #2

Madness is a funny thing. You don’t know it, but you’re slowly falling into its grasp, like a moth bewildered by alamp’s light. There’s beauty in its concept: freedom, truth, uniqueness, individuality. You can be what you really are if you succumb to madness, if you let yourself drown to its tenacity. But be warned, it is a point of no return. Once you enter its forest, you are forever trapped in it, wandering aimlessly into oblivion. The things you’ll see there are unspeakable and deranged but you’ll get the hang of it. Its just a matter of time before you create your own Eden full of your own mutilated creatures.

Oh, dont be afraid child. Fear is just the beginning. Fear is the realization that there is no escape in this world and control is beyond your power. It is the seed that will blossom to the nightmares you had kept deep inside you for a very long time and knowing that its just a matter of time before its roots spread all over your corrupted body. Let it change you. Let it destroy you.

Chaos. Ah, such a disastrous word. But why? Its freedom, right? Its the state of being lawless and immune to rules. Then why are you afraid of it? Isnt it ironic that the freedom that we all so want to have is just the thing we never wanted to experience in our life? The answer is simple. We are selfish. We only want things that will benefit us personally. We only want it applied to us, because we think our judgment is better than anyone else. We want madness, chaos, and freedom only to ourselves. 

So the next time you feel that you are on the brink, that any moment you’ll fall into the rabbit hole, remember, its only as deep as you want it to be. Don’t stray too long, Alice.

You are fake and phony.

Come on. You know what I mean. The moment you read the title, you knew what Im about to discuss here. The “you” you show in public, acting cool and classy, obeying every law and acts smart and wants to get along with everyone. Its not you. Thats just your cover. The real you is inside that shell, restrained by society. You are chained to morals, to laws, to proper behaviours. You act to certain guidelines so you wont be the weird guy that everyone hates. You are a phony.

Remember that guy from highschool you saw on the streets yesterday and said hi? You wanted to punch his face and beat the shit out of him for treating you so bad in high school. You wanted to destroy his face and replace it with a dog’s face. But you cant.
Remember the lady you had given your sit to in the bus last week because its fully loaded and you had to act like a gentleman? You wanted to ignore her and let her be but social conscience grabs you so hard in the balls. It grips you so tight, its hard to ignore. 
Remember the kid that kept kicking you in the park and his parents didnt scold him because thats just what kids do? You wanted to lift the kid and throw him far away outside the planet and be destroyed by an alien space ship then fire a bazooka to the parents. But you just smiled and said its okay.
Remember the time when a beggar pleaded for you to give him money but its your last money and you wont be able to go home if you give it to him? You give it to him anyway because you were with your coworkers and didnt want to look cheap. But deep inside, you wanted to say fuck off to the beggar and punch your coworker in the face because they keep backstabbing and gossiping about you.
You know its true. All these things are what we really are.
But it doesnt make you evil. In fact, evil is just an opinion. What is evil for me might not be evil for you. If you ask a satanist if they think what they are doing is wrong, they will say no because that is their standard. That is their definition of good! The reason why we say they’re bad is they have different opinion from us. Our standard is the word of God and theirs are… Well Satan. 
If you are looking for a conclusion, I am offering none. We need to wear our “society suit” to fit in but I guess what Im trying to say is, at least try to be “evil” from time to time to stay in line with your individuality. Dont get stuck on one standard. There’s plenty to choose from.

How to lower your Self-esteem and Self-Destruct

1. Compare your looks with the most attractive friend you have and complain to the universe why you are so ugly.

2. Wait, you don’t have any friends so just find anyone you find attractive and realize that you are the ugliest thing that God created. Blame your parents, your grandparents, and your roots for inheriting an ugly genes.

3. Reject every invitation that enables you to interact socially with anyone. I REPEAT, EVERY INVITATION. Then go to your bedroom and ask yourself why the hell you dont want to go. Cry for a solid 30 minutes and then watch a youtube video.

4. Read a lot of books and act as nerdy as hell. Show your classmates whos boss on algebra and trigonometry. Solve complicated equations and show off your mathematic skills. Repeat till you get the attention of the bullies and they tear your face off. Try to kiss one of them while they’re beating you up to spice things up more.

5. Play video games all day and do nothing else. Then complain why you dont have social life. Then sleep. Repeat.

6. Read this list and realize that that author of this post is just the same as you. Like this post, then go on living with your pathetic life.

The Mask We Wear

Are you afraid of the society? Are you afraid of its prejudices and biases? You are its victim, its prey, yet you succumb to his mutterings and obvious deceits. It offers you madness which you swallow whole-heartedly and you go through your day as if there is nothing wrong. You try to look at other people’s faces, but you fail to distinguish the truth. They are wearing masks to hide their hideousness and so they laugh at you for failing to wear one. But you know better. You are this deformed, ugly entity but thats okay. Its exhausting to be fake and to be normal, to be living on everybody’s approval except your own. 
Its time to let go of the mask. 
Show the world how mutilated and deranged you really are. 

Madness #1

So yeah, Im here staring at the ceiling of my bedroom, unable to sleep. So what do I do? I watch stuff from youtube and listen to ASMR but there are times when I literally cannot turn my mind off. Like right now.

Let me tell you a little bit about what goes on inside my mind. Its a bit strange, but what the hell do you expect from a site called Eki’s Madness

(The following content may weird you out, but I guess there’s no turning back now)

I always wondered what will happen if suddenly while Im typing here in the comfort of my room, one of my wall explodes and an enormous alien eyeball emerges from it. The eyeball has a big giant mouth at the center of the eye and it squirts a slimy green substance. It will try to get near me and suck my brains out because it only feeds on insomniac people’s brain. I will run quick, get my guitar and hit the eyeball as hard as I can until the green slimy substance gets all over my room. Of course, I will get some in my mouth and realize that it tastes sweet. It would taste like a green version of nutella but a lot tastier! Then I would get a bucket, collect all the slimy green substance and put it in the bucket and sell it to some factory that manufactures chocolates. The product will be named “Green Coco” and I will be the main supplier of the green slimy substance. I will attract more and more alien eyeballs by not sleeping and then bash them repeatedly until they give off their last drop of green slimy substance. I would be known as the richest man in the world and I would encourage people suffering from insomnia to be proud of their sickness because it would make them rich. They’ll make a statue of me when I die and I would be known in history as Father Coco. Everybody would be inspired by my story and will try to follow my footsteps by not sleeping. When all the humanity is diagnosed by insomnia, the Alien Eyeballs will colonize earth and eat every human alive. It’s their plan all along and they just used me to bait the people of the earth. The Alien Eyeballs win and everyone on earth is dead. Because of me. Damn. I should sleep now before the Alien Eyeball comes.

The end.

The Dark Knight: A Movie review

“Another Dark Knight review? Goddamn, we all know its great, Heath Ledger’s Joker is amazing, Christopher Nolan is a God, etc. My God, please just put a rest on this movie and move on!”

That’s probably what you’re thinking right now as you are reading the title of this post. I mean, I know, because this is how I feel everytime I read a review about this movie. And believe me, all the worldly praises that can be written on the face of this planet, I read about this movie. But allow me to indulge you with my review of this legendary movie. Obviously, there will be spoilers thrown here and there in this review but my God, if you haven’t seen the movie, please watch it. You’ll thank me later.

The year the Dark Knight was released in theaters, I was fairly young, around 12 years old. I was used in watching kiddy superhero movies like Superman, the early Batman films, etc. and I was sure that this Dark Knight movie will be just the same. Its Batman anyway, and it should entertain us kids, right? I also heard that Heath Ledger’s Joker is amazing from reviews, so thats another reason to watch the film. So I did.

I was not entertained at all. There’s no cartoonish fight, no eye-popping acrobatic skills, and nothing that will attract kids to see it. Everything is serious, gritty, dark and very cinematic which is very different from the 90’s Batman films. It was more of a cop movie more than anything else and I was very confused as to why critics find the film amazing. In short, the kid me didnt like this movie at all. Not one bit.

Okay, before you crucify me and burn me to the ground, try to understand that Im just an innocent child at the time and I just wanted to see something slapstick and funny. I wasn’t ready for it and I didn’t see it coming. Please don’t judge me.

Hahaha. Kidding aside, I’m so happy that 5 years later, I decided to rewatch the film again. First I watched Batman Begins, which is the first part of the Dark Knight trilogy and I realized that part of the reason why I was so confused as a child while watching the Dark Knight was because I didn’t watched the Batman Begins first. Hey, I didnt know Dark Knight is a sequel! Blame it on my childhood.

Batman Begins is amazing, so after the film ends, I immediately popped in the Dark Knight Dvd. And that night is one of the most historic part of my life because it introduced me to my favorite film. The Dark Knight is the best movie I have ever seen in my life. I wanted to strangle the 12-year old me for not realizing it. 

I know you read this a million times, but let me tell you the reasons why this movie is so good.

1. Heath Ledger’s Joker. Love him or hate him, you know in your heart that what Heath did to the Joker was unbelievable. The dedication he gave just to dive in to the character already deserves an Oscar. And no, not even Jared Leto can compete.

2. The psychological games between the Joker and the Batman is mind blowing. Kudos to the writers. The movie depicts how people are changed when pushed to their limits and our understanding of right and wrong are tested. When we people are facing danger, do we just throw away our morals just to survive?

3. The interrogation scene is…. Wow. I cant even come up with a word to describe that scene. Watch it again on youtube just to remind yourself that a scene so short yet so thought provoking can be made in a comic book film. Epic scene.

4. The casting are flawless. Its a cliche but hear me out. How often do you see big actors (Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman) do minor roles? Not very often right? But the way they are utilized in this film made it look like the characters they are portraying are essential. Im speechless.

5. Of course, Christopher Nolan’s direction. Cinematography, camera angles, zoom in, zoom out. Well executed. When you are young you dont notice these things but as you watch more and more films, you begin to understand why these things matter. They amplify the vibe of the film and gives you this unnerving atmosphere. Good job.

Of course I can go on all day, but I chose these 5 things because they are the things that appeal to me the most. 

I know that everyone of us have different taste when it comes to watching films. But you have to agree with me, even if you dont like the genre, The Dark Knight is one hell of a movie.

“Oh My God, I knew it would end this way. Another ‘The Dark Knight is the best movie’ review. Way to go, Kienji. You really are MAD.”

Thank You for the compliment!


Suicide Squad: A Movie Review

I am quite familiar with the Suicide Squad way before the movie because I watched the animated film Assault on Arkham. I thought Assault on Arkham was about Batman since the DVD cover features him and since I am a Batman fan, I didnt hesitate to watch it. So I was kinda surprised when instead of Batman, this group of villains are being introduced and truthfully, I had no idea who the most of them are (with the exception of Harley Quinn). I thought, okay, so these are the villains and Batman will try to stop them. Wrong again. Batman is barely in the movie and the main focus is this group of villains: Suicide Squad. And I admit, it is entertaining and even though there is a lack of Batman, I was pretty mind-blown. I never knew there is a Suicide Squad until that day.

When the news broke out that a Suicide Squad movie was in the works and Jared Leto was casted, I was hyped. Man, if the Assault on Arkham is to be translated on the big screen, it will be epic. And Jared Leto as the Joker? I have so much respect to the actor and I know that even though he wont get to the Heath Ledger level of Joker, at least he will try to achieve that kind of dedication.

Additional cast members were revealed which includes Will Smith as Deadshot and Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn feels true to the comics and her looks bare resemblance to the grungy make up of Heath Ledger’s Joker: messy and angsty. Will Smith doesnt feel like a Deadshot material to me but what the hell. You never go wrong with Will Smith, so its cool.

The movie came. I watched it. And yeah, its a mess. Dont get me wrong, I had fun. The characters are amazing, the dialogues are funny, the introductions to the characters are believable and it doesnt take itself too seriously like the previous DC offerings. Its just the plot. It seems that the plot is just thrown down there so the Suicide Squad can come together and have bonding with each other but other than that, its non sense. 

Spoiler Alert!

The problem with this movie is the problem originated from the group themselves. My God, if Enchantress is sealed and isnt allowed to roam around while her alter ego, June Moon, is active, the Suicide Squad wouldnt be necessary. Sure they are this expendable group that will fight future evil super beings, but atleast contain the group. The group is created to solve problems not create them.

And where is Batman and the Flash during Enchantress’ rampage? They are supposed to be superheroes but they arent even shown during all the chaos. At least explain why they cant help becuase it really is unbelievable. They should be the first responders since they are the good guys. I dont know, maybe they are busy filming the Justice League?

The Joker is the biggest disappointment for me. I dont know if I like him, but I certainly doesnt have any connection to him. Unlike Heath Ledger’s Joker where you feel for his beliefs and motives, this Joker is just pointless to the story. I dont know, maybe he’s just not shown enough but what a let down. Im not saying Jared Leto is a failure because I dont see anything that resembles Jared Leto in that Joker which is amazing, its just that the way he is represented is unnecessary. Like, he’s just there to be a decoration.

Okay, enough with the let downs. There are also some positives and I think it depends on the viewer what will weigh in more to them, the positive or the  negative.

The Suicide Squad casting is perfect. Hands down. All of them are well suited to the role they are playing which is good since this is their introduction to the audience. Majority of the viewers are unfamiliar with these characters and it needs a good casting in order to appreciate them.

Dialogues are pretty funny too especially when it is between the Suicide Squad members. Their dialogues meshed with their personality and that is important because some in some movies, they force dialogue into character which contradicts to his belief and for me, it kinda ruins the character when that happens, so kudos.

And finally. Harley Quinn. One word. Perfect. You just gotta see the film to appreciate her. She is the reason the group worked and I think it would fail miserably without Margot Robbie’s casting. Very good decision.

Overall, if you want a senseless messy fun action superhero movie, definitely watch this film. Just dont think about the plot so much, because there is basically none. 


Knock Knock, Mr.Cobbenfield.

(Note: this is a short story I made 3 years ago and I just want to share it. Be advised,it is full of grammatical errors. But I dont care! Haha)

Mr.Cobbenfield had that surprised look on his face by the time he opened the door. He is about the same height as my dad, which is 5’6 tall and he wears a grand beard, which made me really envious. I always fancied having a beard. I thought they make you look tough and respectable, the kind that really defines what the word man means. Anyway, I didn’t want to be rude so I straighten up my tie and tidied up my suit. I thougt a proper introduction was necessary for this memorable night. And his stupid reaction was kind of getting on my nerve. “Good evening Mr. Cobbenfield. My name is Edmund Riley. I don’t think we’ve met before.” I offered my right hand to Mr. Cobblefield for a handshake. I’m a big fan of handshaking. Makes everything look formal and smart and official. It has a certain feel of sincerity to it and it just makes me feel more connected to the person I’m speaking to. Mr. Cobbenfield looks at my hand for a few seconds and then stares directly back at me. His facial expression changed from dumbfounded to complete annoyance. 

“Do you know what time it is boy?” He was completely ignoring my hands, but I kept it upright. I don’t like someone rejecting my handshake. It puts all the blood in my body right into my head and I don’t want that to happen. I wanted to make everything as cool as possible. I looked at my wristwatch, which was on my left arm while my right arm stayed erected towards Mr. Cobbenfield. I will get that handshake no matter what. 

“Yes sir, I believe it’s almost 2am sir. 1:48 to be exact,” I was forcing a smile, and I buried my stare deep in his eyes. “Would you please shake my hand sir, cause I’ll really appreciate it.” 

“Yea, its 2 in the morning boy. May I ask who you are and what’s your business here in my home that is so urgent that you have to wake me and my family up?” Oh boy, he’s still ignoring my handshake. Now I know where his fat b*****d son got his arrogance. Im starting to dislike this man more and more. That could work. He doesn’t deserve that beard, that fart. 

“I believe I just told you my name, Mr. Cobbenfield. My name is Edmund Riley, and I’m here to talk to your son. You know, the pig.” The bewildered look on Mr. Cobbenfield’s face almost made me giggle. Now I see Rickie’s resemblance to this big idiot. He’s just as pathetic as this drool. “Get the f**k out of here or I swear I’ll call the police!” I was starting to feel numbness on my right arm so I calmly put it down and rub it a little bit. It felt kind of rubbery and springy. I cant really describe the feeling, but it was really uncomfortable. 

“Who do you think you are? Barging here like some kind of punk and calling my son a pig!” 

“Sorry for the poor choice of words Mr. Cobbenfield. Would you prefer it more if I call him a fat a*****e?” 

“Why you little s**t! I’ll kick the s**t out of you–!” He was about to punch me in the face when I pulled out a knife from my suit and pointed it at him. “Easy there, Mr. Cobbenfield. You don’t want us to CUT our ties this early in our relationship now that you and I are getting to know each other more.” Boy, was he surprised. Bet he didn’t see that coming. “Okay boy, what kind of practical joke is this?” he raised his hand like a friggin criminial and looked alarmingly at the knife. Not so tough after all. Bearded idiot. 

“You’re just about to punch my head off, Mr. Cobbenfield. And now you say that this is some kind of practical joke? Who’s joking now?” I let out a soft but sinister laugh. I don’t know why Mr.Cobbenfield didn’t laugh. I figured, he didn’t get the joke. He was just sweating there like some kind of athlete or something. “Easy boy, drop the knife and lets talk about this.” He was kind as f**k. Like a ture goddamn gentleman. Man, if he was this nice from the start, I wouldn’t need the goddamn knife. There’s just no understanding adults nowadays. “You know Mr. Cobbenfield, there are only two kinds of people in this world. The handshakers, and people who are just rude as f**k, I’d like to cut them to little pieces. And I bet you can figure out where I categorize you, eh?” 

I was asking imperatively of course, but I just want to get an answer out of him. I mean, now that he’s acting nice and all, I want to chit chat a little bit. “Oh, is this about the handshake?! Fine I’ll shake your hand. Just stop pointing that knife on my face!” He was noisy as hell. A noisy a*****e. He was trying to put his right arm forward, while his left arm was held high up in the air. He wants me to shake his hand. Ha! How the tables had turned. “I’m afraid we’re done with the introductions, Mr.Cobbenfield. And please don’t bother with the handshake. Because if there’s one thing I hate more than non-handshakers, thats insincere people. It just makes me want to skin them alive!” 

I was kind of trembling with emotions as I was saying it. My hands were shaking like hell, and it was kinda out of control. I was twitching my eyes. God, I’m getting pretty pumped up. Mr. Cobbenfield shot his right arm on the air in surprise. My God, If I knew any better, he might had pissed his pants that very minute. But I was hazy from my enthusiasm that I didn’t care about it at all. “Now show me that stinking son of yours before I lose it Mr. Cobbenfield!” I don’t want to force myself inside the house. That’s not a good attitude. You must be invited before you come in somebody’s house. Its just proper ettiquette. “Please don’t hurt my family! We’ll give you what you want. We-we have some money here, if you like!” Oh, he was crying. Like a f*****g p***y. “Give me your son, Rickie f****t, or I’ll murder all your family. And when I say family, I mean your infant child too.” I was f*****g serious. The neighborhood was quiet and gloomy. I’m surprised, because I was so sure we were talking quite loudly. Or maybe they’re just nice enough not to disturb two gentlemen in the middle of their conversation. I like that neighborhood. I wonder why Rickie got to live in this place and I’m stuck back at home with my fiendish parents. A very weird world. I maintained my composure. I took the smirk off my face and adjusted my hair. My bangs kept hiding my face. It was kinda itchy. Maybe I should consider a haircut. I look like Kurt Cobain or something. 

“Sorry about that Mr. Cobbenfield. Would you be a good host and let me inside your house? It’s getting kinda cold out here.” It was honestly cold. Like a goddamn Christmas Eve. I was smiling nicely of course. A good host deserves a good visitor. 

“No, please. Ill give you cash and then you can leave. Let’s settle this for Christ sake. Without violence. You know? I just want a–” 

“That’s not the appropriate response to a visitor Mr. Cobbenfield.” I was so disappointed to his response that I swear I could have cut his throat that instant. But I’m weirdly in a forgiving mood that I reconsidered my actions. “I’ll give you a chance to answer correctly. But I warn you, I don’t give second chances so often. So answer intelligently this time.” I fixed a smile on my face once more, swiped my bangs off my face ( I should really get a haircut), and offered my right hand to him. “My name is Edmund Riley.” He was confused as a motherfucking baby. “You must be Mr. Cobbenfield? I’m looking for your son, Rickie Cobbenfield, who I must say is a real cocksucker.” Sweat running down his forehead. “May I come in?” He froze there for a minute. He looked so goddamn stupid raising both of his hands on the air. Maybe he was thinking of fighting back. After all, what can a high school student do to him? Except of course stab him to death, which is another story. He slowly put down his right arm, trying not to look like a threat to me, then grabbed my right arm in a firm grasp. He shook my hand. Very slowly. Up and down, up and down. You can almost hear a rythm from our arms, like the hands of a conductor swaying his hands to the beat of an orchestra. Very lovely. 

“P-please, come in,” said Mr. Cobbenfield, with a slightly cracked voice. It was magical. 

The Office: Tv Series review

I discovered The Office during a very emotional part of my life. I was very depressed at that time because my 2 years relationship just ended and I felt so empty. I tried everything to take my mind off of it. I began exercising, I read books, watch movies and I even joined a forum called 9chat (now renamed Cookie for whatever reason) but the saving grace for me is The Office. My God, I love The Office. It was the reason I finally moved on and if I hadnt discovered it, I maybe wallowing in sadness till now. No joke.

A year passed and today, The Office is still my favorite tv show and not just because of my emotional attachment to it, but because it is actually really good. I didnt really knew what a mockumentary comedy was back then and it was really refreshing because it doesnt even have a laugh track which for me is a necessary component of any sitcoms. I admit I didnt immediately got the humor but the more I watched it, the more it grew on me. After I grasped the purpose of the show and got familiarized with the characters, that was where it started: My Office addiction.

Steve Carell did an incredible job in portraying Michael Scott because he is a master when it comes to improvisation, doing a straight face and emulating cringeness which are the key elements to pull off the show. The character walks a thin line between annoying and sweet which is almost impossible to pull off. Michael Scott is the kind of character that makes people uncomfortable but he doesnt mean to do it. He just doesnt have a clue how to get through people and he always comes off irritating to them. There is no denying that Michael Scott is the foundation of the Office and most of the awkward vibe revolves around Steve Carell’s performance.

Jim Halpert, as played by John Krasinski, is the catalyst. I say catalyst because the way he looks at the camera as if to say “tell me you’re seeing this” whenever Michael or Dwight does something inappropriate is the source of laughter. Without saying a word, his poker faces is enough send a message to the audience that he is trapped with weird people around him and the only way he can cope with it is through sarcasm.

Dwight is the smartest idiot in the show , which means he knows a lot of stuff (survival stuff mostly) but clueless on the social aspect. He resembles Michael Scott in terms of self-awareness (which is none) and their only difference is, Michael is superior to Dwight. He is one of the main driving force of the series and seeing Jim prank Dwight is one of the show’s treat.

To describe how the humor of the show goes: someone does something awkward, inappropriate or cringe worthy (Michael,  Dwight) then another someone reacts to this by looking at the camera, staring blankly at them or through sarcasm (Jim, Pam). It may seem simple but this combination is technically what made the show so funny.

The supporting cast doesnt come short of humor either. Their backstories, their different opinions and their egos are so diverse, each character has all something to offer. Even though some of the new added characters in the last two seasons are not very interesting (Im looking at you Nelly), i cant deny that the original cast members grew on me and the way the producers wanted to focus on them after Michael Scott left is a good idea.

If this review looks bias because it helped me through tough times, I’ll say that this is kind of the point of this blog. My Madness. My biases and my obsessions are my opinions and I think that incorporating them to my reviews are necessary because thats how I feel. Thats my opinion!

So, if you never watched the office, what the hell are you doing with your life.